Etienne PITOIS Set including: - Ce que l'aviation... - Lot 44 -

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Etienne PITOIS Set including: - Ce que l'aviation... - Lot 44 -
Etienne PITOIS Set including: - Ce que l'aviation doit à la France (What aviation owes to France), Second edition of the visitors' book for the Official Exhibition of the Salon de l'Aéronautique inaugurated in Paris on June 29, 1928 by M. Gaston Doumergue, President of the Republic. Preface by Victor André Laurent-Eynac, Minister of Air. Preface by Maurice Bokanowski, Minister of Commerce, Industry and Aeronautics. Published by Direction Générale de l'Aéronautique. 1928. Printed by Salade. Large format in-8. - Aviation-Industrie Aéronautique-Navigation Aérienne. Second edition. Published by the Direction Générale de l'Aéronautique. Imprimerie Salade, Paris. Circa 1928. Format large in-4 oblong. (Note: The first edition of this brochure was published by the Direction de l'Aéronautique et des Transports Aériens, on the occasion of its official participation in the 10 th Salon de l'Aéronautique in Paris, held from December 3 to 19, 1926). - The 3rd Demonstration and Propaganda Exhibition of the Under-Secretary of State for Aeronautics. Inaugurated in Paris on December 5, 1924. Preface by Victor André Laurent-Eynac, Under-Secretary of State for Aeronautics, with his apocryphal signature. Published by Service des Fabrications de l'Aéronautique. 1924. Printed by Alibaud Salade. Format in-8, soft cover. Signed on first page.
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